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Administration and Maintenance Ministry

Day School Board Member
Consider being elected at the Annual Voters’ Meeting (in May) to the policy governance board for Redeemer Lutheran School (Discernment, Leadership, Wisdom)

Elder Board Member
Consider being elected at the Annual Voters’ Meeting (in May) to the spiritual care board that assists Pastor Steve with the care of the members and families of Redeemer. (Faith, Intercession, Mercy)

Mission and Ministry Leadership Group Board Member
Consider being elected at the Annual Voters’ Meeting (in May) to the parish planning council. Work with the various ministries of Redeemer to help us Know – Grow – Go! (Discernment, Leadership, Wisdom)

Christmas Decorating
Help set the stage for the birth of our Savior by joining the crew to decorate for Christmas. Help is needed both inside and out – ring in the season with your help! (Artistry, Manual Craftsmanship, Serving)

Church Library Circle
Are you looking for a good Christian book to read, or a resource for your Sunday School class, or a reference for a Bible study? The Church Library Circle acquires these resources, and processes them so they can be checked out. They also maintain the Church Library. Their goal is to provide Christian resources and support for Christians in our irreligious society. Help build and keep our library strong and relevant. Meets at least quarterly. (Discernment, Knowledge, Wisdom)

Church Pictorial Directory
Periodically we re-do our pictorial directory so that it is current and useful. It’s important to know who is a part of this wonderful church family! Be a part of the volunteer team that makes this happen. (Helps, Serving, Writing)

Communications Team
Are you a writer? Do you have an interest in reporting? Do you have experience in journalism, or media, or public relations? How about layout and design? Join our communications team and work on our church newsletter, news releases, display ads and the like. Use your talents to enhance internal and external communications at Redeemer. (Artistry, Helps, Serving, Speech, Writing)

Do you have great ideas for raising funds for our church and school? Do you know where and/or how we should be tapping resources available to Redeemer? (Giving, Leadership, Wisdom)

Garden Club
Has God gifted you with a green thumb? Do you enjoy working in the garden? The garden area surrounding Redeemer’s waterfall is designed and lovingly maintained by a group of talented and dedicated volunteers. Here is your opportunity to pull on your garden gloves, and work with God’s beautiful flowers and plants while enjoying fellowship with new and old friends. (Artistry, Helps)

Grant Writing
Do you know how to write a grant? Do you have the time and interest to work on this avenue of fund raising? (Discernment, Wisdom, Writing)

Marketing Team
Do you have marketing expertise and a desire to use it to enhance the marketing of our church and school? This highly motivated team is looking for your ideas and willingness to help them get our name out there. (Artistry, Helps, Serving, Speech, Writing)

Monday Morning Crew
Join a group of Redeemer’s dedicated men on Mondays and make repairs as needed in our church and school. Your skills are needed to keep our physical plant up and running, and looking great. (Helps, Manual Craftsmanship, Serving)

Are you a good photographer with a digital camera you would be willing to use to photograph events at church or school? Would you be willing to download the images and send them to Redeemer? Would you be willing to photograph events as needed? (Artistry, Writing)

Friendly faces are needed to help at the front desk. These volunteers answer the phone, help with office work, receive and direct visitors to our church and school. Half-day shifts make this job fun and easy on the schedule. (Helps, Hospitality, Serving)

Scrip is a program that sells gift certificates to Redeemer at discount. You then buy the gift certificates at face value for gifts or your own personal use. There are dozens of businesses that participate in the Scrip program. Join the committee, or just purchase and use these gift certificates. It’s a great and easy way to raise money for our church and school. (Helps, Serving, Writing)

Stewardship Committee
Do you have a hunger for inspiring others to cheerfully give of their time, talents and treasures. Do you have ideas for this committee? Your input is welcome! (Giving, Speech, Teaching, Writing)

Technology and Web Page Team
This dedicated group coordinates and plans technology use within our church and school. They are working on a three year plan to create a vision for how to use our technology, which hardware we should have, and which software we will need. They are also are responsible for the development and enhancement of our website. Your computer savvy can be useful here. (Artistry, Helps, Serving, Speech, Teaching, Writing)

Work Days, Spring and Fall
Twice a year the members of our congregation meet at church for half a day to clean, repair, and do general upkeep of our grounds and buildings. Many hands make light work! This is another way to serve the Lord by maintaining the beautiful physical plant He has given us. As it says in Nehemiah, “We will not neglect the house of our God.” (Manual Craftsmanship, Helps, Serving)