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Bible Studies Ministry

Sunday Mornings
Adult Fellowship/Bible Study after worship (9:30 a.m.)
Sunday Bible Study—What’s your favorite book of the Bible? Galatians was Martin Luther’s favorite. It speaks boldly and clearly of our freedom from sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus. God used the Apostle Paul and Barnabas to con-vert thousands of people in Galatia during Paul’s first missionary journey. But soon after, “Judaizers” convinced many Galatians that salvation came not only through faith in Christ, but through works of the Law. The Apostle writes the letter to the Galatian churches to defend the Gospel of freedom through Christ alone. Join Pastor Steve on Sunday mornings between services as he teaches the book of Galatians through the rest of the summer. Galatians applies to today’s world as well! Adult Bible study begins at 9:30 a.m. in the auditorium. Bring a friend! Contact Pastor Steve if you have any questions. 952-473-1281

Youth Group Sunday Bible Study— We are taking a summer, break from our Sunday morning bible study. Youth (and parents) are welcome to join the adult bible study between services in the auditorium.

Women's Bible Studies
Wednesday Morning Women's Bible Study
Summer Bible Study on the Book of Second Peter—The Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study will meet one more time on the third Wednesday of August. We finished studying First Peter in the book, "Your Faith on Trial", and have been taking a look at Second Peter in the last three chapters of that book over the summer months. In August we will look at the last chapter. If you would like to join us copies of the lesson will be available. So mark down this date, August 15, and come for Bible Study at 10:00 in the Gathering Room. Friends welcome! Questions? Contact Mary Sund at 763-233-2417 or Linda Krantz at 763-476-0587.

Men's Bible Studies
Men’s Bible Study “Bigger Than Me”—The Saturday morning Men’s Group meeting at Folkestone Wayzata will begin a new study titled “Bigger Than Me.” This brotherhood of men meets every Saturday morning 7 to 8 a.m. in the Folkestone Auditorium, 100 Promenade Ave-nue. Some of the 27 chapter titles include “Losing My Religion,” “Who Are You Calling Greedy,” “Alienation,” “Go and Do Like-wise,” “Far from Boring.” Come and join us. Contact Gordy Engel 612-709-4879 or Dan Oie. 763-221-9123

LifeLight Studies
LifeLight Bible Study is taking a break for the summer but will be returning in September. Come, and study the New Testament books of James and Jude with us beginning Thursday, September 13th, from 9:30-- 11:30 am in the Conference room. Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you in September! Questions? ask Judymae Bowers (763-476-0913) or Eva McAtee (763-476-1827.)