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Summer Women’s Bible Study

Summer Women's Bible Study

Once a month during the summer, come and join us for a Bible Study on Women Who Believed God. We will meet on the second Wednesdays of July and August, and spend some time looking at the lives of Abigail, Salome, Eunice and Lois. Are you unfamiliar with these particular ladies? They are lesser known, ordinary women who dared to trust God, and in the process influenced their families, changed their communities, and affected the course of history. Not bad for ordinary women! We will meet on July 13, and August 10, at 10:00 am in the Gathering Room. We hope you will join us as we all find encouragement to imitate their faith. For more information contact Mary Sund at 763-233-2417 or Linda Krantz at 763-476-0587.