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Women’s Group Update

Great first connected families Entitlement Fix Class! What a wealth of knowledge Jim and Lynn Jackson have to give us as parents! Again if you want to sign up for the class and join the site anytime is: http://courses.connectedfamilies.org/p/entitlement_fix

Please make sure to mark these dates on your calendar for the upcoming Saturday Morning Meetings as well as the Walk for Cure JM that will be replacing our last meeting. We will try to squeeze session 3 and 4 into the May 12th date. We will let you know of our service projects coming soon for you and your children.

April 28: Session 2: “I don’t want to do it!”

May 12: Session 3-4: “I want it now!” & “The Lasting fix, growing out of what the Bible calls,“Life that is Truly Life!”

May 19: Instead of Parenting Class we will be supporting the Howe Family and their daughter Eme for a Walk for the Cure of JM.

Below is some information as well as the Howe testimony of what Eme has gone through so far in her journey. The link is for our opportunity to walk or donate for the cure of JM. If you cannot walk that day, please keep the whole family in your prayers! The women’s group will be rallying that day that day around the Eme and the whole Howe family



Lindsay Kuphal and Amanda Dehmer